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Game Description:


GoD Factory: Wingmen is a 4v4 competitive space combat game in which the goal is to destroy the enemy's carrier ship while defending your own. The game will cost $20 and we'd like to support it for years to come with additional content and DLC, both paid and free. 


Key features: 


- Build your gunships part by part, changing their look, stats and abilities 

- Four playable species with their own unique parts to choose from 

- Intense dogfights that require to be up close to your targets 

-Cooperation is absolutely necessary to win 

- Many different strategies and roles to play in a group 

- Multiple layers of complexity to ensure there's always more to learn 


As mentioned above, the goal of the game is to destroy the enemy's carrier ship. However, these carriers happen to be 13km long. To take apart such gargantuan structures, you need to coordinate attacks with your allies to destroy vulnerable areas. 


In game terms, in order to win the enemy's carrier must lose 6 integrity points before you do. These integrity points can be lost in two ways: either by being shot at by a carrier's main cannon or by having one of its major component destroyed by the players. Each of those components you destroy have a different effect, aside from damaging the ship's integrity. For instance, if your ammo depot is destroyed you won't be able to restock over 60% of your ammo capacity when docking your carrier, while if your Communication Tower you will stop receiving alerts when your Carrier is attacked. For a complete list of effects, go see this blog post:


The fact that the carriers also fire at each other means that it is possible to win a game either offensively or defensively. For instance, a team could just damage one or two parts then protect their own carrier while their carrier finishes the job. It also means that it is impossible for a match to drag on forever. A match will typically last between 12 and 16 minutes and it is not possible for a match to last more than 25 minutes. 


At the end of every match, win or lose, you are given a score which is then used to gain access to new parts. There are unique unlock trees for every species, but some parts can be exchanged from a species to another. You could use a human machine gun on a Guantri ship for instance. 


Building your ships require to balance weight, energy consumption and heat capacity. There are many pieces to choose from, divided in Main body, Cockpit, Wings, Thrusters, Power Core, Shield Generator, Main Computer, Weapon Control Unit, Main Weapon, Wing Weapons and Special ability devices. Most of these parts have an influence on how your gunship looks and all of them have a significant impact on how your ship is played. 


You also get to bring two ships in a match. While one is out to fight, the other one is docked, repairing its shield over time. This allows for both versatility and deeper resource management. Not only that, but the player can ask other players to borrow his teammates gunships. This features allows to explore some builds different from your own without having to invest the hours required to unlock and buy all the parts required. One must be careful though, since when a gunship is destroyed, it can't be re-used for the rest of the match. Once the player loses two ships, he can only use drones, which are much weaker than the custom gunships they brought to the fight. 


GoD Factory: Wingmen is the first title in the GoD Factory universe. Our next title in this franchise will be a single player experience with a narrative focus. We find that trying to build both SP in MP in parallel will often lead to one of the two experiences being sub par. We'd rather concentrate our efforts on delivering a well polished multiplayer experience first, and once we've nailed it we'll move to a single player and ensure that we can deliver a compelling single player campaign. 

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